“Everything within the E’MAR brand is exciting right now.”

- Najwa Javed

e’mar success story

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E'MAR combines foot wellness research, technology and beauty. The innovative insole ensures high heel unprecedented comfort with an elegant and sophisticated design.

The story


“As a female foot and ankle surgeon, it has always been a daunting task to help females find footwear that looks great but also feels great.  The crux of the problem is that beautiful shoes are rarely comfortable and comfortable shoes are rarely beautiful. After spending the last 10 years practicing medicine it dawned at me that adding arch supports would not be acceptable.  There needed to be medical and technical innovation within the shoe industry. No longer would women have to accept that beauty equals pain. This was the beginning of E’MAR.”

-Najwa Javed, USA


The technology built inside each shoe was standardized from thousands of impressions of women’s feet taken over the last tens years.  Each insole was developed and tested in real-time by a practicing foot and ankle surgeon. The technology was further honed allowing for the ultra-thin insole to be completely hidden within each design and thereby giving E’MAR its signature sleek and sophisticated look.

Project phases

Memorable encounter with ISM

E’MAR is a technically intense design and for many manufacturers it was difficult to take on a project of this magnitude.  However, when it was proposed to ISM, they were all ears. My most memorable moment was when one of the ISM executives came to San Francisco to personally meet me and go over the design.  It was an exhilarating moment for the brand; to have a company with this type of reputation take on an industry changing design is not only amazing but also speaks to their ability to innovate and create.

- Najwa Javed


Designed by a Foot and Ankle Surgeon in Silicon Valley and handcrafted by a Master Italian Artisan.
E’MAR is built on Italian and medical expertise.

I knew from the beginning that the only place that could create E'MAR was Italy. The Master Italian Artisans have been making shoes for centuries and their knowledge of shoe design is unparalleled. There can never be another place which can pay attention to intrinsic detail as they can.

Insole Development & Prototyping

This innovative technology, found inside all E’MAR shoes consists of a hidden pressure realigning inlay that rebalances your whole foot as it sits in a high heel. This added with the biomechanically designed toe box and arch incline allows for maximum stabilization of the foot and ankle when in an elevated position.

The majority of women's designer shoe lines have narrow toe boxes and minimal to no toe depth which causes blistering and cramping of the toes. This along with a very steep medial arch incline causes a significant ball of foot trauma. E'MAR was designed with a longer toe box for increased depth and breath of the forefoot.


A reputable Brand requires to convey its message in the most comprehensive way. ISM took care of the packaging aspects and offered E’MAR a variety of options for shoe box, dust bag and other details that can truly tell the story of the brand.

Efficient communication is imperative and ISM has been great. It’s a complete and comprehensive partnership.


There are many options when choosing a manufacturing company.

E’MAR chose ISM because of their transparency and expertise. Different companies would give false promises or subpar quality and that would not be good enough for this brand. We wanted the best and got the best.

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