"I'm excited to add new styles and continue to grow the brand."

– Amanda Greeley

THELMA women loafers aims to create uncomplicated essentials that fit the lifestyle of a woman who is quietly aware of who she is and what she likes.



“THELMA began as a quest to create the perfect modern, feminine take on the women loafer. As a lifelong lover of women loafers, because they are both practical and polished, I still struggled to find the perfect pair. I wanted to create a pair that added some feminine touches, like a slightly higher block heel and a softly pointed toe, and wanted them to be well-made”.

– Amanda Greeley, USA

Thelma women loafers designer profile photo


THELMA loafers are 100% Made in Italy and they are created sourcing the best suede leathers, handmade sewings and a full wood block heel.

Project phases

  • Design
  • Prototyping & Sampling 
  • Packaging
  • Production


Thelma provided a moodboard and high-level sketch of women loafers.
ISM Design Team interpreted the design and created 3 professional sketches for Thelma to review, then finalized on 1 design.

Thelma women loafers sketch
Women loafers sketch in color by Thelma
Women loafers sketch in black and white by Thelma

I was determined to find a maker in Italy because they are not only known for making the most beautiful shoes in the world, but they also produce things ethically.

Prototyping & Sampling

Logo details and specifications were provided by Thelma. ISM worked on the prototype and made the final sample of women loafers, here shown in suede leather, calfskin biscotto lining and full wood block heels.

The first time I saw a finished final product was absolutely memorable. It's amazing to see something go from an idea to a sketch to an actual item that can be used.

Leather insole with Thelma brand name
Thelma women loafers in green and white leather
Leather upper part for making loafers


ISM took Amanda’s idea of a drawer style shoe box, with fabric pull tab and specified pantone colours to design the packaging and created a rendering, while the dust bag was made in raw canvas.

Thelma custom box for loafers
Thelma red loafers and box with brand name
Thelma custom box for loafers with canvas bag inside

ISM helped by producing everything on the promised timeline, they also helped to produce the packaging, which certainly made my life easier.


ISM worked closely with the tannery to source the best Italian leather for bulk production of women loafers, including a flame red, a rosa pink, and a custom-made forest green colour in suede.

As a new designer, I appreciated ISM's willingness and openness to both customization and small quantities.

Women loafer in green suede with block wood heel
Women loafer in red suede with block wood heel
Women loafer in pink suede with block wood heel

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