"Opportunities don't happen. You create them."

- Chris Grosser


Starting a shoe line is exciting and challenging. ISM assists both new and established brands in this journey through the execution of 6 phases.

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    Project Analysis

    Great partnerships come with mutual understanding. An initial assessment is essential to create the best solution for your project.

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  • For start-ups, a brand presentation and business plan are vital for us to learn more about your company, product ideas, target market and budgets. The first step is to book a session with our expert, so we can look into the details of your project, provide feedback and advise the best way to proceed.

    What we need: brand presentation, project goals.

    What we deliver: high-level project plan & quotation.

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    Turn your creative concepts into professional designs, or proceed to prototyping if you have production-ready designs with tech packs.

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  • The ISM Design Team provides style interpretations and design proposals based on your ideas, moodboards, objectives and target market.

    What we need: moodboards, style guides.

    What we deliver: professional sketches ready for prototyping.

    Note: this phase can be skipped if already in possession of professional sketches and detailed tech packs (including materials, shoe components, measurements, etc.)

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    Product Development

    Bring your designs to life. Create prototypes and sample products used as a blueprint for your production order.

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  • Product development is an indispensable step for final production. The process includes material sourcing, shoe last development, heel and sole making, creation of custom moulds for hardware and rubber soles, paper pattern making, embellishments and embroidery creation, 3D relief logos etc.

    Samples produced can also be used to show buyers at trade shows and runways, or direct to consumers on your sales channels for pre-order.

    What we need: phase-2 outcome, or your tech packs.

    What we deliver: physical samples.

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    Production & Packaging

    Our core production infrastructure merges traditional know-how and modern set-up to meet top manufacturing standards.

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  • Our manufacturing infrastructure consists of various specialized facilities for different demands and covers extensive product categories from exquisite runway styles to casual shoes and sneakers for men and women.

    Custom packaging is also offered to complete your collection. Find out about packaging options in our FAQ page.

    What we need: sample approval and production order details.

    What we deliver: final products, at the factory.

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    Quality Control

    Choose from different QC options, from free-of-charge spot checks, to detailed inspection, fit-tests, packaging checks etc.

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  • What we need: preferred quality control option.

    What we deliver: products that are quality checked.

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    Logistics & Shipping

    We partner with established freight forwarders to provide holistic shipping options to complete your order.

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  • ISM takes care of shipment packaging ready for international freight, and assistance on documentation that may be required for Customs clearance process. Shipping destinations cover major locations worldwide. Logistics insurance is also offered as an option.

    What we need: preferred shipping option.

    What we deliver: goods shipped door-to-door or at nearest port/airport.

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