The Business of Fashion

Learn the mechanics of the fashion industry and gain an understanding of the processes involved in creating, manufacturing, and retailing fashion.


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Guide description

Designing and selling clothing and shoes is a dream for many people but the seemingly simple act of creating apparel is a part of a much bigger and complicated giant known as the fashion industry. Selling apparel of any kind requires the designer to understand the fashion market, sales, and manufacturing process that brings a design to life. This is especially important for entrepreneurs and designers planning to control the manufacturing and retail of their own products. Creating, launching, and starting any successful fashion business requires extensive industry knowledge.

This guide will introduce you to the complex but fascinating world surrounding business in the fashion industry, and will help to give you a better understanding of the processes involved in bringing any type of fashion to the market. In turn, this should give you an understanding of how the industry works, so that you can plan and utilize that knowledge no matter where you are in the design or manufacturing chain. Most importantly, it will give you the knowledge needed to understand the process required to begin manufacturing and selling your own fashion lines.

What am I going to get from this guide?
Understand the fashion industry, its history, its motivations, and its processes with a look at each step of the development, production, manufacturing and retail process involved, with tips and helpful information for getting started.

Is this guide for me?
This guide is for people with or without experience in the business of fashion; up and coming designers and entrepreneurs starting their own label, as wells as who is already in fashion but want to gain a more holistic view of the industry.

1. Introduction the Business of Fashion

1.1 The Global Fashion Industry

1.2 A Brief History of Fashion

1.3 Fashion & Its Consumers

1.4 Couture

1.5 Cycles and Seasons

1.6 Fashion Shows

2. Business Planning and Funding

2.1 Creating a Plan

2.2 Sourcing Funding

3. Product Design & Development

3.1 The Importance & Role of Designers
3.2 Product Development
3.3 Trend Forecasting
3.4 Sourcing Textiles & Materials
3.5 From Design to Manufacturing

4. Manufacturing Fashion

4.1 Manufacturers
4.2 Sampling
4.3 Capabilities and Costs
4.4 Understanding Production Timelines
4.5 Working with Supply & Demand

5. An Introduction to Merchandising

5.1 Strategy
5.2 Inventory Management

6. Marketing and Public Relations

6.1 Marketing
6.2 Branding Your Products
6.3 Visual Communication
6.4 Different Types of Promotion (Social, web, advertising, etc.)

7. Selling Fashion

7.1 Entrepreneurship in Fashion
7.2 Resource Management
7.3 Trade Shows
7.4 Opening a Store
7.5 E-Commerce
7.6 Consignment through Retailers
7.7 Selling as a Supplier/Wholesale

8. Conclusion


The guide has approximately 40 pages of content organised in 7 Lessons.


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  1. Ruth (verified owner)

    One of the best investment I have made starting my own shoe line is getting access to this rich material. Reading this course gave me the desire to pursue further as I was reluctant and naive. I didn’t know where and how to get started. With this course material I was encouraged to research extensively in the fashion industry, I was advised to research the market trends, fabrics and materials, my target market etc, to which I gladly did.
    I now have tons of information which has been helpful as I prepare to embark on my own label. Thanks to the entire ISM staff for putting this up for starters like myself. I will encourage and send the word out to starters who for one way or the other lack the necessary steps to start their own brand. Thanks for great work team!

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