"Essentially what photography is is life lit up."

- Sam Abell


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Presentation is an essential aspect to promoting your collection in modern day retail. Engage customers with appealing visuals via our photo and video services.

Artisan hands leather cutting
Artisan embossing logo on shoe insole
Shoe leather and rubber sole
Leather sneaker shoe upper attached to rubber sole
Shoemaker sewing leather mocassin upper
Shoemaker applying heel to leather women shoes


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To showcase the
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To demonstrate your
products are Made in Italy


We partner with established producers to organise photo shoots and/or video shoots during the production phase as well as for the final product. Photographers and videographers and locally based with extensive experience in shooting manufacturing processes and fashion items, where the final contents will be ready for marketing usage, be it targeted to your customers, buyers or investors.

We offer shooting packages by stages. One stage represents one single procedure of the manufacturing process – for example pattern making & leather cutting or soling & closing, etc.

The photographer and/or videographer will perform the shoot on location at the factory. If the goal is to represent the evolution of a product, it is necessary to arrange multi-stage during the full manufacturing process.


Packages are available for clients with an existing project with ISM (sample making or production order) - let us know at the start if you wish to leverage our photo and video services so we can document the creation of your products.

Photo Shooting
20 professional photographs
  • - Shooting of one
    shoemaking process
  • - Photos selection
  • - Photos retouching
from 500€
Photo Shooting
50 professional photographs
  • - Shooting of three
    shoemaking processes
  • - Photos selection
  • - Photos retouching
from 1000€
Video Service
A three-minutes
professional video
  • - Video shooting of three
    shoemaking processes
  • - Use of drone
  • - Background music & voiceover
from 2000€

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