"He who follows another will never overtake him."

- Michelangelo

Industry guides

The Industry Guides combine a set of ISM-exclusive tools designed to assist footwear and fashion businesses gain in-depth understanding of industry practices and accelerate the development of their brand by maximising time otherwise spent in trial-and-error.

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5 Golden

Take cue from our experts on what matters when starting a shoe line, processes to consider and how to approach manufacturers with 5 Golden Steps.

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Retail Cycle &
Timeline Planner

Get a clear picture of the critical paths and timelines of a Retail Cycle. Use our Timeline Planner to organise production ahead of time and present your upcoming collections aligned with fashion seasons.

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Introduction to
Vegan Leather

What is vegan leather? What are the options? Get a digest of this growing trend in the manufacturing world.

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A step-by-step guide to the creation, usage and benefits of moodboards in the creative process.

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Colours &

Learn about the complex relationships between colours, materials, and human perception that influence your brand, and your designs.

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The Business
of Fashion

Learn the mechanics of the fashion industry and gain an understanding of the processes involved in creating, manufacturing, and retailing fashion.

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Vegan Leather

A comprehensive guide – latest technologies, defining sustainability and common misconceptions.


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