"He who follows another will never overtake him."

- Michelangelo


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Do you have a fresh new shoe design that you really believe in? Great! Visionaries like you trust their instincts and surround themselves with strong implementers and knowledgeable experts. The Italian footwear industry experts at ISM have put together a crisp and engaging series full of make-or-break insights that are rarely if ever shared by successful manufacturers.

Are you a project manager or investor in a footwear launch? Then you work with a visionary “idea person” who is moving at the speed of sound. A big part of your job is to be the voice of reason, balancing swift progress and prudent risk management. The ISM footwear industry insider’s guides are a sound investment in subject matter expertise. Get your whole team on the same page as industry experts who have choreographed countless product release cycles, gleaned market insights from every fashion season and iterated product designs to accommodate store buyers and delight their customers.

Take the courses in any order you like.

If you are new to fashion, our introductory course “The Business of Fashion,” will help you visualize how to design, engineer, prototype and launch your footwear concept in sync with the rest of the apparel supply chain. You’ll return to this guide again and again to help you face down resource constraints and make tough decisions in stride with the cadence of the entire fashion industry.

Have a look inside this indispensable guide to the fashion industry.

If you are trying to find your niche in this crowded market, “Vegan Leather Explained” reveals how to design and manufacturer using animal-free natural and synthetic materials that look and feel like leather and suede, but appeal strongly to an elite class of socially conscious buyer.

The vegan leather niche is very hot. Want to learn more?

If you are defining your brand, “The Power of Moodboards” teaches you how to select “found art” quickly to create a set of coherent montages to present to investors and decision makers.

Empower your team to choose a direction together.

Whether you are finalizing your first design or iterating your line for the next season, “Colours and Materials” takes a deep dive into the complex interplay between human perception, buyer psychology and production technology. The ISM perspective on colour and materials will become a trusted reference for designing, improving and refreshing your shoe line.

Explore the infinite potential of colours and materials.

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